Annoyed by Aging Hands?

Figure 1: It shows a lady’s hands.                               

  1. Aging Hands: What do you think about your hands starting to look aged, wrinkled, with veins sticking out? Many women find it annoying. It is impossible to avoid these changes completely, however, there are various ways to reduce hand aging.
  2. Signs of hand aging: sun spots, melasma, dark spots, gaunt hands, patchy discoloration, & hands with inflammation. Our hands start looking older from our thirties.
  3. Problems with aging hands:
    • Dry or itchy skin: Aging hands feel more dry and itchy. This is because the skin thins out and becomes more prone to dehydration.
    • Skin sagging lines and wrinkles: It deteriorates with exposure to sun, UV tanning beds, smoking, alcohol consumption 
  1. Recommendations by DR. MEL GLAMOR, PhD, outside of dermatologist treatments of laser therapy and cryotherapy (freezing):
          a. Hydrate
           b. Moisturize
           c. Chemical peeling of dead skin cells & moisturize

            d. Brighten

             e. Protect your hands from UV rays: the sun and tanning bed sources with a high quality day moisturizer sunscreen with SPF 40 broad  spectrum like our: Revitalizing Cream Sunscreen SPF 40


See a Dermatologist: It is a good idea to periodically visit a Dermatologist, MD for a regular skin check up...

My last recommendation is for you to be purchasing skincare products from reputable and reliable brands, and also check out our 5-star winning anti-aging products at: PELASKIN.COM


I am Dr. Mel Glamor, Chief Chemist, PhD in Houston TX, Founder of PELA SKIN

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