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I am an athletic woman in my early twenties, a Pilates instructor, and love dancing and outdoors activities. I have used the Luxe Concentrate Serum and the Antarctic Regenerating Crème, which are awesome products. Now, my skin looks like “glass”, glowy, smooth and hydrated! Also, when I had questions, the Pela Skin Team was always quick and happy to call or email me back. BEST SKINCARE LINE!!!

Young athletic woman with beautiful skin smiling for the camera

-Elena, Houston


I am in my late twenties. In last 5 months, I have used 5 Pela Skin products from serums, moisturizers and their cleanser, and have enjoyed using them all. Kudos to Pela Skin because their products work well, have great packaging, and they are not greasy or sticky, and they make my skin dewy, radiating, and supple. I also asked and got two free phone consultations with DR. MEL GLAMOR, the founder. The buying experience, customer support, everything has been excellent! Five Stars Rating to them!

Portrait photo of woman in her late twenties with beautiful skin

-Paige, NYC


I have used many night moisturizers, however the Tightening Night Cream of PELA SKIN from DR. MEL GLAMOR is far superior to all others. In the morning, my skin feels rejuvenated, smoother and softer, and more youthful. I’ll buy it again!



I love the PELA SKIN anti-aging product line. I previously used skincare products from France and other countries. However, after I got to know the PELA SKIN brand, I have ordered and re-ordered and used all 10 PELA SKIN products, and am very happy with the results.   My skin looks more youthful, silky and dewy...

 Deena Z.


I have used the Antarctic Regenerating Crème, and this moisturizer is amazing, and the scent and texture are also cool! 


Das. D., Miami, FL


I have used the Tightening Night Cream. It is an excellent product, spreads nicely, and makes my skin feel silky. I love it! 

Jess, Las Vegas


Have been using all 10 of anti-aging PELA SKIN products of DR. MEL GLAMOR'S for several months, and they have helped my skin look much younger, smoother and well moisturized. This special product line with safe and cleaner ingredients has helped me rebuild the confidence I used to have in my twenties!  

 Diane M., New Jersey


I have been using the Tightening Night Cream, which has a special Retinoid. I love this night moisturizer. It spreads nicely, it is not oily, and in the morning my skin looks and feels smooth, silky and well moisturized.

 Joanna F.


Dynamic Anti-Oxidant Serum. Review Title: Completely changed my skin. Rating: 5 stars out of 5

I genuinely LOVE this product. I recently stopped taking an acne medication and was experiencing quite a bad breakout, but the Dynamic Anti-Oxidant Serum of PELA SKIN helped to pretty much fully clear my skin within only a week. I have also noticed a significant improvement in the darkness under my eyes which I am very excited to see. Overall, this is an incredible product.

Correcting Eye Lift Complex. Review Title: Can’t live without it. Rating: 5 stars out of 5

This eye complex is so good. It really helps my under eyes feel so moisturized, much brighter, and smoother. I use this at night along with the serum and some moisturizer and have noticed a huge difference in the appearance around my eyes. In the past I’ve had reactions with eye creams as well, but have had no poor reaction to this one at all. I would definitely recommend!

Firming Peptides Sunscreen SPF 40. Review Title: Great for everyone! Rating: 5 stars out of 5

I love this day moisturizer and sunscreen! In the past I’ve found that moisturizers with SPF in them never blended well with my makeup or other products I would use it with, but I haven’t had a problem with this at all! It actually blends really nicely with both my makeup and other products. As someone who works in front of a computer all day, I was especially excited that it protects against blue light. I really love this product - it’s a staple in my skincare routine!

Young Woman Using Anti Aging Products Smiles Into Camera While Skin Is Radiant

-Tiffany Tirelli, NYC


My freckles and acne spots have lighted up, and my skin tone is nice & uniform!

I'm Asian and easily freckle and can't use hydroquinone and other lighting ingredients without irritation. I've noticed my acne spots and freckles have lighted and my skin tone is more even with the Antarctic Regenerating Crème. The extra bonus is this product doesn't irritate my skin.


Olivea Kacy Nguyen, Houston, Texas



I’m excited!! I’ve always invested in my skin and am doing everything I can to keep it healthy and youthful as I age. I refuse to “age gracefully”! I will always use quality skin care products and focus on good nutrition. So glad that you, DR. MEL GLAMOR did the research and brought us the excellent PELA SKIN products.

-Amy Lynn Mayse, Cleveland OH


I have used your Peptide Sea Purity Cleanser, and I love it. It feels fresh, and makes my skin glow!

Amy O., Houston TX



I read DR. MEL GLAMOR'S Story under the Discover tab on PELASKIN.COM about why he decided to create the PELA SKIN line, and it all made sense, so, I decided to give it a try. Just as I expected, the products are everything and more! I love these products because they do NOT contain harsh chemicals but contain potent, safer and cleaner ingredients. As I continue on my journey of healthy eating habits, I now include using healthy skincare products.  After using the PELA SKIN line for just a little while, my skin looks plumped, more radiant and even toned, and my friends and family are noticing! You will not be disappointed with these products. I plan to buy these products again!!!

-Nancy, NJ


I have used the Luxe Concentrate Serum of PELA SKIN for a couple weeks, and have been very impressed with this concentrated serum! Even after using it for the first week, morning and evening, I noticed a major difference. My skin looks smoother, softer and more radiant. The serum absorbs very nicely and quickly into my skin, and does not feel oily at all. It also has a very nice aroma. The purchasing experience on the website of PELASKIN.COM and customer service from DR. MEL GLAMOR has been exceptional… Several days after my purchase, DR. MEL GLAMOR contacted me to find out how I was doing with his serum and offered me additional skincare tips, which was a nice surprise!

 Woman in black turtleneck with nice skin sitting below nice modern wooden staircase

-Yelena F., Los Angeles CA


I am a 66 year old woman and have tried many skin care products over the years. I love the Pela Skin care line! The products do an amazing job! To date, I have tried 3 of the company products, and love the Dynamic Antioxidant Serum, the Firming Peptides SPF 40 Day Moisturizer and the Peptide Sea Purity Cleanser. After using the Pela Skin line, my skin glows with a more youthful appearance that even my husband noticed!

-A.S., North NJ


I have been using Pela Skin care products now for over a month.  The results have been truly amazing.  For years I was convinced that buying expensive name brands at stores such as Neiman's and Saks Fifth Avenue's were the way to go.  I used to buy the best of the best, whatever the sales person told me was good.  I got no real explanation, only that this (name whatever product you like) would be anti-aging and smelled great.  But after using Pela Skin products I know there is no comparison to the quality nor the results.  If you've ever had a facial, you know the way your skin feels for the rest of the day and into the next day.  It is soft and quite moisturized.  This is the way my skin feels every day after starting my easy nightly routine with Pela Skin Care.  I have always been "no fuss" about makeup and skin care.  I need it to be convenient and quick so that I can get on with my day.  I told DR. MEL GLAMOR, PhD that I needed a regime I could stick with and not get frustrated.  He really answered all my questions, helped me select the best products for my skin type and age, and gave me easy steps to follow each evening.  Dr. MEL GLAMOR's products have real and therapeutic ingredients that are doctor tested and approved, which is so very important to me.   Just as I am careful about what I eat and choose to feed my family, I am also now mindful about what I am putting on and absorbing into my skin.  I chose, at the direction of Dr. MEL GLAMOR, 5 wonderful products which include the following:

  1. I cleanse my face with the PEPTIDE SEA PURITY CLEANSER
  1. I exfoliate and tone my skin with the EXFOLIATING COMPLEXION PADS
  1. I use the LUXE CONCENTRATE SERUM all over my face and neck area (and wipe the excess on the backs of my hands)
  1. I apply the CORRECTIVE EYE LIFT COMPLEX around my eyes areas
  1. Lastly, I apply the TIGHTENING NIGHT CREAM again all over face and neck area

It takes a very short time each evening to apply, and the results have been evident.  My skin stays soft and clean, with no clogged pores at all.  I can see a difference especially in my neck area.  The skin has begun to tighten and wrinkling is minimal.  Whenever I have a question Dr. MEL GLAMOR is there to answer with an email or phone call.  I cannot say enough about this wonderful skin care line.  I am hooked, and I even have my husband using the cleanser and moisturizer too!  Thanks to Pela Skin for a great anti-aging product line at a quite reasonable value!

Woman With Smooth Skin Smiling Into Camera Anti Aging Moisturizer Serum No Laugh Lines No Crows Feet No Fine Lines And Wrinkles

-Joni Z., Houston TX


PELA SKIN was the only product that did not burn or irritate my face after Fraxel laser treatment done by my dermatologist. I tried several lotions but the Dynamic Anti-Oxidant Serum was the best for soothing and healing aftercare. I highly recommend this rejuvenating skin care brand!  I am choosing your products because they are vegan, as a vegan and I will only buy cruelty free merchandise. So thank you for considering the creatures in your business!

Zan Y., Houston TX


The Pela Skin Correcting Eye Lift Complex is an excellent eye cream product. I work long hours, and this cream improved the look of my tired eyes, brightened my dark circles and moisturized my eye skin. I highly recommend it!




I give the Tightening Night Cream, the rest of the PELA SKIN products and Dr. Mel Glamor my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

I have been using the Tightening Night Cream and the other PELA SKIN products for the past 2 years and I must admit that I have seen an incredible difference not only in how rejuvenated and young my face looks but also how well moisturized and soft my face also feels. The Tightening night cream and the other PELA SKIN products, other serums and moisturizers and eye firming gel are all easily absorbed, leaving my face feeling soft and plump, but not greasy or oily.

The Tightening night cream and the other products work well for my different types of skin needs that I have in different parts of my face, forehead and neck and they also work well for specific problems like sun spots, dark spots, dehydrated skin, large pores, etc.

In addition to the excellent PELA SKIN products, I also love that Dr. Mel Glamor is very knowledgeable and always available on the phone to answer all my skincare questions.

I give the Tightening night cream, the rest of the PELA SKIN products and Dr. Mel Glamor my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Helen P., Houston TX



The Pela Skin products of Dr. MEL GLAMOR, PhD are fantastic. I noticed a difference after using them just a couple weeks. My skin is normal, but I live in South Florida so the sun looms large and I need to 'up' my skin care regiment (including using spf 15 or greater every day!). I like that these products are made of safer ingredients, and that DR. MEL GLAMOR, the leader of the company has a very technical background including a PhD in chemistry. Recommend these products to anyone looking to improve the look and feel of your skin! 

Young Man With Nice Skin Wading In Tropical Waters, Anti Aging Moisturizer Serum Hydration

Beau D, Miami FL


I know it's been a long journey for you, Dr. Glamor, and I can't wait to be one of the 1st ones to try your products. I'm glad your Ph.D in Chemistry has been put to good use - making us look younger, healthier, happier. I miss our time working together on complex projects, but I know you had to follow your passion on skincare. And without a single doubt in my mind, I know your products will be sought after because they will actually do what you said they will do. Finally - no marketing gimmicks - just 100% goodness in the jar. 

-Yana, Houston TX


I'm very excited to use skincare products developed by DR. MEL GLAMOR. I worked closely with him years ago at a multinational company and have known him over 21 years. What always stands out about him is his passion for chemistry, integrity, and kindness. I trust his work. He is very technical and knowledgeable, and at the same time a gentle, kind, honest being. It’s no wonder that he would develop products based on science and heart and meant to make a difference. We get to benefit - improving our skin.

-Tanya, MS