Founder's Story

Mom let's go! We used to call out for what felt like hours before she would finally emerge from the bathroom, her face covered with make up but unable to hide the look of hurt and frustration on her face. It was an open secret that she did not have the best skin, but no one knew just how much it hurt her inside and made a smart and vibrant woman in the home want to hide once in public.

One day, during my early teenage years, before church she explained this to us and I was devastated to think of how inconsiderate I had been and added to her angst. It was that moment that I promised my mom that I would do everything to help find a solution for her, take her pain away and give her the gift of beauty and confidence back. She reassured me in her motherly way that that I should always take good care for others and not to worry about her, but I was determined. I poured over every book on chemistry and botany I could find, working my way up to being first in my class almost every year from that point forward in middle and high school.

While most thought I was just ambitious, I was working tirelessly during any free time I had to find a skin care solution that would improve her look but not irritate her sensitive skin. We tried all of the big name skin care companies’ products at the time, but if something worked, it was never for long before her skin would get irritated again.

I was going to have to come up with a solution myself. Piecing together several pieces of information given from nuns from ancient Greek monasteries along with what I found in my text books of Chemistry and Botany, I finally landed on a solution that worked! And not just for a month or two, her skin was clear without irritation all year! My mother beamed, not only with confidence and great skin, but with pride for her son's (that's me) determination and ability to help others.

Soon, I became the talk of the town and took on the nickname “Dr. Mel GLAMOR” as the people in my small village in Greece thought surely the next stop for me would be moving to Hollywood CA and start formulating skincare products for the stars. I never made it to work in Hollywood but did cutting edge research at NASA and for several other organizations, and while it was rewarding to be receiving US patents and awards, I always did miss the human element of seeing my Mother beam with new found pride and confidence in herself enjoying her fresh and beautiful skin.

I created PELA SKIN around the idea that you are worth having your best skin yet without the side reactions and irritations of other brands. You don’t know what you are missing out on until you get it back! Your skin is naturally beautiful but time and environmental stressors strip away your skin’s protecting barrier and acid mantle, resulting in a less than optimal illumination and hydration, and also putting the health of your skin at risk. PELA SKIN puts that glow back!

By using PELA SKIN, you can replenish what your skin once had naturally for a smoother, healthier, and a confident look that you can feel great about. Life is too short to not be ready for your moment, do what you can, do your PELA SKIN Today! 

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