Skin problems have been running in the Founder’s family for decades, which motivated our Founder to get actively involved since his teenage years to initially help his family since they could not afford expensive, high performing brands for their skin problems.

Our brand was created by our Founder, Dr. MEL Glamor, Research Chemist, PhD, to disrupt the ultra luxury big brands, and was established to help those women who also feel overlooked and left behind by prohibitively huge prices of ultra-luxury skincare big brands and struggle to find good quality products that work at accessible prices. We are delighted that we can offer women big brand luxury performance skincare but only at a fraction of big brand prices.

To achieve that, our PELA SKIN products:

  1. Rely on cutting-edge safe technologies,
  2. Special ocean and mountain super-actives,
  3. We exclude over 5,000 bad chemicals,
  4. Always screen our formulas against the 5-Step, strict screening process established by DR. MEL GLAMOR, PhD, our Founder and Inventor”.

We are delighted that our customers have found our luxury products to be outstanding and very beneficial for their skin, and in return they have showered us with only five-star (top) product reviews and testimonials!

We urge you to join our ambitious task.  We cannot wait to take the journey with you.

To your best glow!