Do Your Sun Spots or Age Spots Reveal Your Age? Part 1

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I am Dr. MEL GLAMOR, Chief Chemist, PhD, with PELASKIN.COM. Here is a scenario for you:

How about those brown, sun spots on your skin? You visit your medical doctor who tells you that those brown spots that appear on your skin are nothing to worry about because they are just age spots or sun spots. Is it good news, or bad news? In reality, this is Good News because your doctor just reassured you that you do not have a medical problem, like skin cancer!

You May Ask: How did the age spots or sun spots or liver spots appear on my skin in the first place? These brown spots happen after exposure to the sun (UV rays) or tanning beds or it may be running in your family, and can affect the majority of women from 35 years old and older.   

How Age Spots Develop? Our skin contains a chemical called “melanin” which gives our skin its color, which turns into tan color when exposed to UV light. Age spots or sun spots appear when melanin is produced in high concentrations, or it becomes clumped in our skin when our skin is frequently exposed to UV light.

How about Older versus Younger Women: Usually, women over 35 years old develop faster and larger age or sun spots than younger women because they have the level of melanin is reduced as they age.

Do you feel that your age spots or sun spots tell people you are past your prime? If you feel that your age or sun spots are telling people you’re past your prime, you may be able to fade out those spots and even your skin tone.

What to Do?

  • Best Option is: Prevention in First Place: The best way is to prevent age spots or sun spots or liver spots from cropping up in the first place by staying out of the sun from young age, and always wear an effective sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 30+, and if possible, water resistant, if you swim or work or exercise and sweat outdoors.
  • A Mild Option: After the age spots start appearing, one of the mild options is to use a special and effective serum and moisturizer. This mild option requires that you have the discipline to keep using this type of serum and moisturizer.

Next Blog: We’ll discuss what type the special serum and moisturizer has to be so that they can both work to gradually fade away age spots and sun spots, and help even your skin tone…


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I am DR. MEL GLAMOR, Chief Chemist, PhD with PELASKIN.COM.

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