Is Your Dehydrated Skin Attacked by Pathogens and Toxins?

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Today, we’ll talk about the dangers of having Dry or Dehydrated Skin, which could be compromised by pathogens and toxins. Why? Because only when skin is kept well hydrated (the opposite of skin dehydration), it functions as a barrier to external toxins, chemicals and pathogens. Unless for medical reasons, skin dehydration is a major problem that accelerates skin aging because dehydrated skin loses its radiance and softness, eventually cracks, and soon leads to visible wrinkles (skin aging). Basically, lack of proper skin care and especially lack of continuous hydration and moisturization (our skin needs both!), makes skin lose its brightness, smoothness and take longer to heal.

We need to remember that skin is mostly “water” because it consists of 65% water, approximately, and in order to keep our skin well hydrated, we need to continuously provide our skin with both: Hydration and Moisturization.

In a future blog, we’ll explain why Skin Hydration and Moisturization are not the same but two different but equally important practices, and we’ll discuss what types of products we need to use to accomplish effective skin Hydration and Moisturization and achieve the best results for a radiant and more youthful skin!


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