Is Your Skin Sun Aged – Damaged by UVA and UVB Rays?


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Spring season is officially starting in a week. However, while outdoors, is your skin well protected, or may be prematurely aging from sun exposure (UV rays)?

The sun is beautiful, warm, nourishing, provides Vitamin D but it can also be your skin’s worst enemy! Why? Because the sun’s rays can accelerate cell decay, which leads to premature skin aging! This means that without the appropriate skincare protection, time in the sun may be undoing the benefits from your skin care routine unless you use an effective sunscreen.

We all know to wear sunscreen, but do we use the right one?

  • A typical sunscreen only protects against UVB rays (burning rays) which only account for 5% of the sun’s rays, so reach for a brand with SPF 30+ and provides Broad Spectrum protections against rays of UVA (aging rays) and UVB (sunburn rays).
  • Potentially Toxic Chemicals: Do not use sunscreens (they may be cheap for a reason) that contain PABA, Tolamine Salicylate and Oxybenzone.
  • I like the hybrid sunscreens that include safer and cleaner actives including Zinc Oxide (the best) or Titanium dioxide (lower end to Zinc Oxide and cheaper) as physical actives for sunblock. Zinc Oxide does everything that Titanium Dioxide does but provides stronger protection against UVA rays (aging rays)!
  • If you work out outdoors or swim, you will need a water resistant sunscreen.

To recap: The most effective safer and cleaner sunscreens are broad spectrum, SPF 30+, hybrid that also include Zinc Oxide.

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