Ruining Your Skin with Hard Physical Exfoliants?


Photo: Tanya C., Chemist, MS is one of our top valued customers. Here, Tanya uses our Exfoliating Complexion Toner Pads to remove dead cells and minimize pore appearance for a glowy, dewy, radiant and younger looking skin.

Publish Date: April 14, 2022

Hello Folks, Do you exfoliate gently, randomly, roughly or do or scrub your face until irritation? People make exfoliating mistakes that irritate skin. Check out my anti-aging exfoliating tips below for a glowing, radiant and younger looking skin. 

Physical Exfoliants are the most common, and they work by mechanically removing dead skin cells, which make skin look dull. Physical exfoliants mainly include granular cleansers such as sugar scrubs, microdermabrasion, sonic brushes and other products that have a slightly rough surface that mechanically scrub our face.

Regardless of which ones you use, make sure you follow the product manufacturer’s instructions and do not scrub your skin too long or too hard.

TIPS: If your skin after physical exfoliation looks red and irritated there is high probability you have broken blood vessels under your skin, which is bad. Remember to use physical exfoliants in a manner that is gentle, not too rough, not for too long, and not too often. 

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