Are You Killing Your Own Skin without the Right Skincare Routine?


 Photo: DR. MEL GLAMOR, PhD and his Family: Diane (spouse), and Panos (our attorney, son) - Houston TX

Did you know that smooth, plumped, even tone and radiant looking skin is not just a matter of your family’s DNA genetics, but also depends on your daily skincare choices and habits? Are your anti-aging skincare products effective, the right ones, safer and cleaner? Are you taking advice from a knowledgeable professional and reputable person; or, potentially from a “reseller” on amazon or eBay, or those self-proclaimed “gurus” on YouTube or Instagram?

After doing your own research about which skincare products to use, your skincare regimen should be broad enough to align with your overall skin complexion goals, but also specific enough to troubleshoot certain skin areas that they need improvement.

You will know if your skincare regimen actually does a great job when you, on your own, and also your family and friends notice changes in you, outside and inside, like looking more beautiful and feeling more confident!

To get to this level, you will need an effective skincare product line (and do not be influenced by certain big brands and their TV star ads) but do your own research, and work on your skin improvement consistently day and night having an ultimate goal in mind.

In my family (see photo above), Diane (founder’s spouse), Panos (our young attorney, son) and I follow consistently our own separate skincare regimens for years, which is different product mix (day and night) by using my PELA SKIN anti-aging and luxurious product line (for details check them out at: PELASKIN.COM), which were established by DR. MEL GLAMOR, PhD (that’s me) in Houston TX.



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