A Testimonial From Arlene, Our Valued Customer In North NJ


Hello Folks,

Dr. MEL GLAMOR here with a customer testimonial today. We have been busy shipping orders the past week and people are already talking about the great job PELA SKIN does! Background Info:  Arlene purchased 3 of our PELA SKIN anti-aging products (seen below), and is a delighted PELA SKIN customer who sent us the testimonial and her photo for our blog:

"I am a 66 year old woman and have tried many skin care products over the years. I love the Pela Skin care line! The products do an amazing job! To date, I have tried 3 of the company products, and love the Dynamic Antioxidant Serum, the Firming Peptides SPF 40 Day Moisturizer and the Peptide Sea Purity Cleanser. After using the Pela Skin line, my skin glows with a more youthful appearance that even my husband noticed!"

Arlene, NJ


Click the product names above or below to see the product information pages with full information about the products purchased by Arlene:

1) Dynamic Anti Oxidant Serum: Link

2) Firming Peptides SPF 40 Day Moisturizer: Link

3) Peptide Sea Purity Cleanser: Link


Great choices Arlene, and thank you for your business. We love to hear our products are doing great things for people!

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Until next time... Look Beautiful. Live Better!™


Dr. MEL GLAMOR, PhD, Houston TX


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