Holiday Tips for a Glowing, Firmer and More Radiant Looking Skin

Date: Dec. 27, 2021

Dear PELA SKIN Friends,

Are you enjoying this holiday season? Holidays can be fun, but also stressful for many people, especially this week.

From gift shopping, preparing food for parties, and hosting extended family members and friends, caring for our skin can fall to the bottom of our to do list. However, to look fabulous on New Years Eve and in the upcoming New Year, a little care now can go a long way. Here is how to keep up with your skin:

  • Keep Using A Suitable Anti-Aging & Hydrating Cleanser, Toner, Serum And Moisturizer. Despite the temptation to skip your skin care routine and leave your make up on after a long day or when you get home late from a party, to avoid break outs, oily skin, and additional fine lines and wrinkles, take a minute to wash your make up off and at least start your night skincare routine. You will thank yourself in the morning! You have many options including those we sell.
  • Keep Your Skin And Body Hydrated: Remember to drink plenty of water, especially when drinking alcohol as alcohol can quickly dehydrate your body and therefore the skin. Fast and strong hydrating serums that contain concentrated Hyaluronic Acid and other strong humectants are a good way to target skin dryness. Try my concentrated: Ultimate Firming Boost.
  • Brighten Age and Sun Spots: Winter is prime time to fight some of the aging repercussions of summer. To brighten unwanted age and sun spots, I use a Vitamin C serum. You have many options including my concentrated serum: Luxe Concentrate Serum. A another good option is a retinoid based advanced moisturizer at night like my Tightening Night Cream.
  • Keep Up With Sun Screen: Always use a SPF greater than 30 day moisturizer for day time, like my: Firming Peptides SPF 40 Sunscreen.
  • Continue To Exfoliate Gently: Due to the dry weather in winter, it is good to exfoliate regularly to remove skin dead cells. Scrubs and beads can quickly irritate winter dry skin, so use gentler exfoliating moisturizers with Glycolic Acid such as my: Revitalizing Sea Crème.
  • Keep Up with your Exercise Routine: Regular, physical exercise is great to alleviate the stress of the holidays, and the blood circulation it provides can be beneficial to our skin and body. Walking relatively fast can bring fresh oxygen to our skin, improve its tone and help our body with the detoxification process, leading to brighter skin and a happier holiday season.

Wishing you Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


Until next time... Look Beautiful. Live Better!™


Dr. MEL GLAMOR™, Ph.D, Houston TX


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