New Year's Resolutions, Part 2 - Are You Removing Makeup The Correct Way?

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Publish Date: January 13, 2022

Hello PELA SKIN Friends, Let's face it! There are days when we get home late and tired from a party, event, or even the office and all we want is bed.

Is it Good or Bad? Baaaad! Why?

Leaving makeup or even mascara on your skin for many hours through night, on top of the hours you had it on during the day, can cause many different skin problems including stress, premature skin aging, pimples, clogged pores, irritation, and breakouts, on top of making worse existing skin conditions!

Fortunately, there is a solution: find a good, fast, and effective makeup remover that you like! The right product should work well and be easy to use so you enjoy including it in your everyday cleansing regimen.

Remember! Mild soap, including hand soap, or a water based cleanser cannot work as a complete makeup remover! Modern "long lasting" make up is closer to the harsh and powerful "stage make up" that actors wore on sets years before!

Some of Dr. MEL GLAMOR, Ph.D's tips:

Face Wipes: I get many questions about these. While these can be a quick and convenient travel solution, use them sparingly! They do not clean the skin on your face thoroughly, mainly just the surface which can quickly lead to build up causing skin problems. Plus many have harsh chemicals and preservatives that can lead to irritation!

Oil-based Makeup Remover: Oil-based makeup removers are known for being seriously effective at removing harsh and ultra tough modern make up. Look for options that do not contain potentially toxic chemicals.

How to Use Makeup Removers: Wash your hands, first! Not doing so can introduce contaminants causing irritation, reducing the visible effects of the good skin care you are taking the time to do! Next use a small amount of your chosen oil based makeup remover onto your hands or a cotton pad and sweep the pad over your face with gentle pressure. Harsh rubbing is not good! A good makeup remover will not make you scrub hard, and scrubbing hard can irritate and damage skin! Repeat the process with multiple pads if needed until your last pad appears free of makeup and impurities, which is your skin telling you that it has nothing else covering it. Afterwards, use warm water to rinse thoroughly from your face the dissolved makeup, and surface dirt. However, your skin is not effectively prepped yet for applying the serum and moisturizer. Next time, we’ll review about What’s Next as an effective cleansing routine after makeup removal so that your skin can be ready to receive the important actives and nutrients from the anti-aging serum and moisturizer..

Let's make a New Year's Resolution to remove makeup and the day's impurities every night, to enjoy glowing skin all 2022!

Until then... Look Beautiful. Live Better!™


Dr. MEL GLAMOR™, Chemist, Ph.D, Houston TX


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