Are You Sure You Use the Right Mascara Removers

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Publish Date: January 26, 2022

Some women have contacted me and asked me to write a short blog about mascara removers. As a friendly reminder, mascaras are not easy to remove because they are emulsions of oils, pigments, water, and waxes. Looks great during the day, but when sleeping in it, no good for your skin!


Use a 100% lint-free cotton pad, and do not use cotton balls (their loose fibers can end up in your eyes).

Use a biphasic (two-phase) eye mascara remover, which has a cleansing oil to remove mascara, and also a water phase to cleanse skin after mascara is removed. Alternatively, natural minded folks can use pure coconut oil, a natural solvent, or raw coconut cream to remove the mascara. Coconut oil can be effective but be careful because it has been reported as comedogenic, aka it can lead to some pore clogging and break outs. In the beginning, proceed cautiously if you are to use coconut oil as a makeup remover.

Next, after you break down the mascara with the biphasic mascara remover, or coconut oil, wash your face well with warm water and a cloth, and next use an anti-aging water based, hydrating cleanser like my Peptide Sea Purity Cleanser to remove traces of mascara, make up, and any remaining biphasic mascara remover or coconut oil or coconut cream. Remember NOT to use Denatured Alcohol containing, or Fragrance based biphasic mascara removers to avoid eye and skin irritation.

In conclusion, do not leave mascara on and go to bed, but no need to struggle with it. Follow these tips for quick easy removal that leaves skin intact and ready for the next day's adventures. You will be happy you did so for years to come!


Until next time... Look Beautiful. Live Better!™


Dr. MEL GLAMOR™, Chief Chemist, Ph.D, Houston TX


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