Happy Heavenly Birthday to the Greek Dr. Pap Smear!

Happy Heavenly Birthday to the Greek "Dr. PAP SMEAR"! To My Female Customers & Friends: Who was the medical doctor, inventor of the globally known “Pap Smear” test, which revolutionized the early detection of cervical cancer, who has saved the lives of tens of millions of women around the world?
His birthday was last week, and his name was Dr. Giorgos (George) Papanikolaou and was born in 1883 on the majestic Greek island of Evia located on the gorgeous Greek Aegean Sea.
Happy Heavenly Birthday to the Brilliant & Philanthropist Dr. Papanicolaou who intentionally never patented his “Pap Smear” invention but he offered it without any money to mankind! His Memory Indeed Is, And Will Be Eternal!
Dr. Mel Glamor, PhD, Founder of PELA SKIN, Houston TX
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