Why Joni Z. Abandoned Super Brands for Our PELA SKIN Products!

Woman With Beautiful Smooth Skin From PELA SKIN Anti Aging Moisturizer And Serum To Calm Dryness And Irritation

Publish Date: February 1, 2022

Introduction by DR. MEL GLAMOR: We greatly appreciate Joni Zavitsanos' (a great artist from Houston TX) unique testimonial below about her journey from using for years and eventually abandoning super luxury skincare products sold at the most prestigious stores, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and getting hooked to our PELA SKIN far superior anti-aging products! Thank You, Joni! 

Joni's Testimonial: I have been using Pela Skin care products now for over 1.5 months.  The results have been truly amazing.  For years, I was convinced that buying expensive name brands at stores such as Neiman Marcus' and Saks Fifth Avenue’s were the way to go.  I used to buy the best of the best, whatever the sales person told me was good.  I got no real explanation, only that this (name whatever product you like) would be anti-aging and smelled great.  But after using Pela Skin products I know there is no comparison to the quality nor the results.  If you've ever had a facial, you know the way your skin feels for the rest of the day and into the next day.  It is soft and quite moisturized.  This is the way my skin feels every day after starting my easy nightly routine with Pela Skin Care.  I have always been "no fuss" about makeup and skin care.  I need it to be convenient and quick so that I can get on with my day.  I told DR. MEL GLAMOR, PhD that I needed a regime I could stick with and not get frustrated.  He really answered all my questions, helped me select the best products for my skin type and age, and gave me easy steps to follow each evening.  Dr. MEL GLAMOR's products have real and therapeutic ingredients that are dermatologist tested and approved, which is so very important to me.   Just as I am careful about what I eat and choose to feed my family, I am also now mindful about what I am putting on and absorbing into my skin.  I chose, at the direction of Dr. MEL GLAMOR, PhD, 5 wonderful products which include the following:

  1.  I wash my face with the PEPTIDE SEA PURITY CLEANSER
  2.  I slightly exfoliate with the EXFOLIATING COMPLEXION PADS
  3.  I use the LUXE CONCENTRATE SERUM all over my face and neck area (and wipe the excess on the backs of my hands)
  4.  I apply the CORRECTIVE EYE LIFT COMPLEX around my eyes' areas
  5.  Lastly, I apply the TIGHTENING NIGHT CREAM again all over face and neck area

It takes a very short time each evening to apply, and the results have been evident.  My skin stays soft and clean, with no clogged pores at all.  I can see a difference especially in my neck area.  The skin has begun to tighten and wrinkling is minimal.  Whenever I have a question Dr. MEL GLAMOR is there to answer with an email or phone call.  I cannot say enough about this wonderful skin care line.  I am hooked, and I even have my husband using the cleanser and moisturizer too!  Thanks to Pela Skin for a great anti-aging product line at a quite reasonable value!

Joni Zavitsanos

Houston TX


DR. MEL GLAMOR, PhD, Chief Chemist & Founder of PELA SKIN:

Thank You, Joni! We Appreciate You as our Valued Customer!


ALL: Reach out (email: taso@pelaskin.com) if you have questions about your skin care goals and how PELA SKIN can help you Look Beautiful. Live Better!™


Products that Joni referenced above:

Tightening Night Cream: Link

Luxe Concentrate Serum: Link

Corrective Eye Lift Complex: Link

Exfoliating Complexion Pads: Link

Peptide Sea Purity Cleanser: Link



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