Myth: Never Refrigerate, Never Chill Your Skincare Products

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There is an old myth that we should never refrigerate, never chill any skincare and cosmetic products. True or False? False. Now, during the summer hot days, go ahead place some of your skincare products in a plastic container and make some room in your fridge to chill them. Do not chill them below 40 oF or 4.4 oC.

Here is the inside info about which products you may “chill”.

  • Face Mist
  • Vitamin C serum since it oxidizes quickly. Keep it in the fridge to “wake up” your skin with a cool boost in the morning.
  • Eye Cream: It helps temporarily reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles.
  • Eye serum: Same reasons like for the eye cream above.
  • Overnight Face Mask
  • Sheet Mask


Skincare products containing harsh preservatives (which are bad, bad, bad!!!) do not need refrigeration. However, products containing mild natural preservatives can benefit from chilling them in the fridge.


Regular Fridge or a Wine Cooler? It is not good for some skincare products to be constantly chilled in a regular fridge at 40 oF (4.4 oC). In this case, I “chill” my skincare products in my wine fridge or wine cooler in the chamber with the red wines at a temperature between 55-64oF (about 13-18oC).


Either way, enjoy your summer and daily wear an anti-aging day moisturizer with SPF 30 or greater broad spectrum in the morning (like our REVITALIZING CREAM SUNSCREEN SPF 40), and afterwards switch to a reputable water resistant sunscreen SPF 30 or greater, broad spectrum, especially if you sweat readily, or swim! Have fun!

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