Myths About Skin Sun Protection: Are You Well Protected From Premature Skin Sun Aging?

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The sun has lots of benefits but also can do premature damage to your skin, starting from your twenties, ‘20’s. Up to 80% of premature skin aging making you look 10-20 year older than you are, starting in your twenties (with concerns like sun spots, dark spots, fine lines & wrinkles, melasma, hyperpigmentation, etc.) is due to premature sun aging, UV ray aging, UV tanning bed aging, and HEV, digital screen Blue Light (TV, computers, smartphones) skin aging. We need to constantly think about sun antiaging routines (night and day) and use only qualified skin sun protection products.

Are you sufficiently protecting your skin from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays of the sun? I am here to debunk myths about skin sun protection.

Myth 1: I have heard women say: “I slather sunscreen once in the morning on my face and body, and I am protected from the sun for the rest of the day’. True or False? That’s false, my friends. My recommendation for best sun antiaging protection is that 30 minutes before leaving your home to apply a high quality, anti-aging, day moisturizer Zinc Oxide based sunscreen SPF 40 or higher broad spectrum, and if you are outdoors, then every 2 hours to apply a high quality, Zinc Oxide based sunscreen SPF 40 or greater broad spectrum.

Go ahead, do your own research and purchase only top quality skincare products and only directly from top, reputable brands, and not from potentially questionable resellers.

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I am Dr. Mel Glamor, PhD in Houston TX, Founder of PELA SKIN


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