Has Winter Ravaged Your Skin Barrier? Using The Right Cleanser & Emollient Cream Moisturizer For Repair & Illumination?



Skin Barrier Ravaged by Winter? Did you know that cold and dry weather wreaks havoc on our skin barrier and is one of the reasons why skin becomes drier, itchy, irritated & more sensitive? Neglecting the skin barrier, particularly in winter with frigid, dry winds and low temperatures can lead only to multiple skin troubles. To clarify, as skin barrier, we talk about the delicate lipid layer responsible for keeping germs away, and entrapping moisture.  

When you think of skin barrier repair and maintenance, you’re most likely to reach initially for a soothing, gentle & hydrating cleanser, & especially sulfate free since sulfates can be more drying than non sulfate cleansers.  Choosing the wrong cleanser when your skin barrier is compromised, it can lead to further damage, itchy and irritated skin.

In addition to a suitable cleanser, in order to keep your skin moisturized and flaky freekout-free you need to switch from a lotion-based moisturizer to a rich emollient cream based moisturizer. This is because humectants that exist in most lotion moisturizers are good to hydrate your skin, unfortunately, they cannot entrap moisture inside your skin during frigid temperatures and dry, windy conditions.

And remember, never forget even in winter time to use a day cream moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 40 or greater broad spectrum. Even incidental exposure in winter still adds up to skin aging from the sun’s UV and Blue Light Visible rays. 

Following the tips above can help your skin stay healthy and glowing in winter. However, if you still experience dryness, irritation, or discomfort consult a dermatologist, MD for medical treatment.

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