True or False? Protecting Our Skin From Premature Aging Starting In Our Early 20’s?

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When I tell our female customers that up to 80% of premature skin aging (some dermatologists place it up to 90%) is due to sun damage, UV sources like tanning beds, and HEV digital screen blue light, many of them say: “My skin has unfortunately deteriorated throughout the years, and I wish, I had known in my early 20’s how to protect my skin from the sun during the day, and also how to nourish it at night” so that I could prolong my youthful appearance into my 60’s, 70’s and 80’s”.

The truth is that prevention (from sun, UV, blue light) is the best treatment to keep skin as healthy and youthful as can be. Prevention can do much more than mitigating risk from skin cancer. It can help us maintain our youthful looks later in our lives and boost our confidence and happiness levels.

Damage from the sun, UV sources (tabbing beds, etc.) and HEV digital screen blue light can appear as:

  • Reduction in skin firmness & elasticity
  • Reduction in collagen
  • Appearance of sun spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, fine lines & wrinkles, & redness
  • Appearance of broken blood vessels

Learn & protect your skin from premature aging that could make you look 10-20 years older than you are. The best time to start skincare routines is from your early 20’s. Follow skincare routines morning and evening 365 days per year. We’ll discuss details in the future.

Go ahead, do your own research and purchase only top quality skincare products and only directly from top, reputable brands, and not from potentially questionable resellers.

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I am Dr. Mel Glamor, PhD in Houston TX, Founder of PELA SKIN

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