Founder's Story

The PELA SKIN Founder, Dr. MEL Glamor, Research Chemist, PhD started formulating skincare products as a teenager many years ago to resolve the skin problems running in his family that affected him as well. For about 4 years, he has been investigating, crafting and sharing powerful luxury skincare products, equivalent to big brands’ ultra luxury and expensive products but at affordable prices. His luxury skincare products rely on cutting edge safe technologies, special ocean and mountain super-actives, he has excluded over 5,000 bad chemicals, and always screens his formulas against his 5-Step, strict screening process.

His mission is to make all PELA SKIN luxury products price accessible to as many women as possible so they can kindle their inward glow, feel happy and illuminate outwardly into the world with confidence, happiness and beauty, regardless of ability to pay the needless huge mark ups, for all.