Before creating the PELA SKIN™ and Aegina Derm(TM) luxurious anti-aging, safer and cleaner skincare lines, I, Dr. M Glamor was once a middle school student in Greece with terrible skin. Patches of acne, dry skin, skin irritation and sensitization, and even UV sun discoloration made treating my skin impossible. I tried products from the biggest skincare brands from France, Italy, and the US yet saw no results.

Recognizing my frustration and confusion, my Mother and Grandmother encouraged me to do my own research. Through my research, I predicted that the biggest skincare brands’ abundant use of harsh chemical preservatives might be causing my intense skin irritation and sensitization.


Picture above: Dr. M Glamor working hard on new formulas in his younger years

Invigorated, I wanted to travel to many mountain and coastal small towns in the nearby Greek Aegean islands seeking natural Ancient Greek skincare remedies, but because I was still young, my Mother and Grandmother came with me and insisted we stop at local ancient monasteries. Like any child, I initially resisted, but it was my breakthrough. For centuries, nuns at these remote monasteries created their own natural skincare products for the local communities using marine ingredients from the Greek Aegean Sea. These nuns taught me about unique ingredients and how the right combination of these ingredients meant amazing natural properties without needing harsh chemical preservatives that had sensitized my skin.


Picture above: Dr. M Glamor explaining Chemistry to students during his college years...


Putting together the information from so many monasteries was not easy. Through trial and error, I created and refined my first skin care preparations. It was during these experiments that my love of chemistry was born and I quickly excelled, becoming first in my class and staying there. By high school, I landed on an amazing soothing skin care preparation that allowed me to take my senior class pictures without any blemishes. What an accomplishment! I beamed.


Picture above: Dr. M Glamor before high school graduation


For the next 40 years, I used and shared my own skin care preparations with family to soothe and keep my skin smooth, and lived my life, working my corporate job, traveling, attending cosmetics trade shows, and caring for my family. Everything was going great for years, until it wasn’t.


Picture above: Dr M Glamor 


A shock came New Year’s Day 2019 when I looked in the mirror and my heart sank as I began to notice that my skin had accumulated signs of aging including wrinkles, and crow’s feet and dark spots around my eyes. I had a bit of a midlife crisis, after all I was not getting that old, was I? My previous skin care preparations were great for my first fifty-five years but did not have lots of anti-aging ingredients to help me in the second half of my life. Suddenly, I felt the same rush of passion as when I was a kid, committing to create advanced, cleaner, and safer anti-aging skincare preparations for myself and family members. From then I started my own skin care company and quit my lucrative corporate job. Despite the pandemic, I have committed all my time, energy and knowledge as a Senior Aerospace Chemist to create my luxurious, anti-aging skincare platform of new, safer and cleaner anti-aging skincare preparations for all.


Picture above: Dr. M Glamor, aka Doctor Molecules (Senior Aerospace Chemist) after he had started the PELA SKIN(TM) and Aegina Derm™ anti-aging luxurious skincare lines in beautiful Houston Texas, 2.5 years ago.


Building off my previous findings, and a lot of information I gathered during my decades' long business and personal travels while in beauty hot spots like Paris, Milan, Madrid, Florence, London, etc., I was ready to formulate my next generation anti-aging skin care. I am proud to be leading the way in eliminating bad and also questionable chemicals while maintaining skincare potency, so you can love your look.



Today, I pledge to you that my anti-aging skincare platforms continue the “old-world” skin care traditions from the ancient Greek monasteries I visited in my youth using those old nuns’ formulation advice to allow for cleaner and safer ingredients that maximize the effectiveness of potent marine based and natural ingredients. Also, my anti-aging, safer & cleaner skincare lines are rooted in Grandmother’s values of Integrity, Transparency, Hard Work, and Family First, and the result is "Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care With Ingredients You Can Feel Good About"™ because they are smart, radiant, anti-aging and replenishing for a healthier looking skin.


Picture above: Dr. M Glamor