Core Commitments


To bring the most innovative, luxurious, potent, safer and cleaner skincare solutions to everyone, inspire happiness and optimism, and empower you to feel and look your best.



To be the leader of advanced luxurious clean beauty, the most connected and loved skincare partner of our customers, to inspire happiness and optimism, and work to offer you the most precious gift, time.



  1. Beauty – We find beauty in everything we do, from our products to our customer experiences. It's in our nature because beauty inspires happiness and makes a positive difference in our customers’ lives
  2. Effectiveness, Simplicity & Elimination of Excess – We reject the industry norms established by multinational brands that focus on skincare “excess,” by aggressively promoting the use of excess products, chemicals and routines, and we focus on effectiveness and simplicity by achieving the most with the least. Less is More! We successfully achieve high product efficacy, while simplifying formulas and routines.
  3. Innovation & Excellence – Committed to innovation, quality and excellence from thoroughly reviewed potent ingredients and advanced product development, and deliver on the aspirations and desires of our customers. To give our customers the products and solutions they truly desire and deserve. 
  4. Transparency & Performance – Our products are potent, safer and cleaner, excluding thousands of potentially toxic ingredients. 
  5. Passion for Customer Delight – We are passionate about our customers' voice, and creating next generation, cleaner beauty solutions that meet and anticipate our customer needs, exceeding expectations.
  6. Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility –  Committed to be a good corporate citizen by making a positive difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet. We ban animal testing, we support ocean clean-up, and source only safer and cleaner ingredients.