Our Name PELA

PELA was the ancient royal Greek city and the world’s first capital for beauty and fashion over 2000 years ago, and was the inspiration for my PELA SKIN brand name. Queen Olympias, Alexander the Great’s mother, made PELA famous for hosting frequent anti-aging skincare exhibitions and competitions seeking beauty product innovation to maintain her exquisite beauty of which she was very competitive, with the glitz and glamor of the modern shows in New York City, Paris, Milan, and Monaco today!

The desire to maintain exceptional beauty through the skin’s natural youthful radiance has transcended time, for years after Queen Olympias, with even Queen Cleopatra continuing this Greek beauty revolution.

PELA SKIN continues PELA’s commitment with my indulgent anti-aging skin care line that fuses together old world Greek skincare knowledge with the cutting edge of innovation to create magical experience based on science, tradition and elegance, to help beauty minded women look and feel more beautiful with the confidence of a queen!

You don't need to be born into royalty to enjoy seriously indulgent and effective skin care. Use PELA SKIN today, start your #PELASKINLine, and Get the Greek Beauty and Modern Confidence!