Annoyed By Sun Spots & Age Spots?


Figure 1: It shows a young lady with sun spots, brown spots, age spots and premature sun skin aging.   

Why Are Sun Spots & Brown Spots Annoying? What do you think about those annoying sun spots, brown spots, age spots, dark spots that show up on your face and chest in your late 20s and onward? If not all of the time, our tendency is to hide them. Sun is the one of the biggest factor for these spots because sun exposure accelerates pigment production in the skin (the skin melanocytes become over-reactive)!

Additional Literature: Also, check out the article on dark spots from Mayo Clinic at:

Brown Spots start from our mid 20s onward: All the brown spots (unless for medical problems) they likely cause no health risks but they are annoying for most people. We have interviewed many women who told us that these dark spots from their 20s onward make them feel between 10-15 years older than they actually are…

How To Reduce Brown Spots, Sun Spots, Age Spots, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, And Fine Lines & Wrinkles:

1) Every morning, wear a day moisturizer sunscreen with SPF of 40 broad spectrum like my Day Moisturizer: Revitalizing Cream Sunscreen SPF 40 Broad Spectrum. Afterwards, every 2 hours apply a high quality sunscreen.

2) Stay out of direct sunlight between 10 am and 5 pm.

3) Morning Routine: Also, use effective Vitamin C serums at night and in the morning, like my: Luxe Concentrate Serum.

4) Night Routine: Also, use a reputable anti aging night moisturizer with Retinol type ingredients like my: Tightening Night Cream, or a night moisturizer with brightening agents that gradually fade out brown spots like my: Antarctic Regeneration Crème.

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See a Dermatologist: It is a good idea to periodically visit a Dermatologist, MD for a regular skin check up...

My last recommendation is for you to be purchasing skincare products from reputable and reliable brands, and also check out my 5-star winning anti-aging products at: PELASKIN.COM


I am Dr. Mel Glamor, Chief Chemist, PhD in Houston TX, Founder of PELA SKIN

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