Make Up Removers, Part 3 – Are You Sure You Do the Right Thing for Your Skin?

Publish Date: January 17, 2022

Last week, in our series on makeup removers, we addressed why good skin care dictates that you should not go to bed with makeup on your face, and further, when to use oil based makeup removers versus face wipes to remove makeup in a pinch.

Today, we’ll expand on what routine to follow after you have removed your makeup and mascara for optimal anti-aging effects!

First, remove makeup as discussed in Part 1 (link here). Use warm water to rinse your face thoroughly of the dissolved makeup and environmental dirt. The next step is when were actually begin taking care of our skin with the right products!

Water Based Hydrating Anti-Aging Cleanser: To cleanse, hydrate and soothe skin after daily or nightly stress, water based hydrating cleansers are an excellent option, especially those that contain botanicals and peptides so you are not just cleansing to maintain, but are providing your skin with what it needs to look its best! Remember optimal anti-aging comes from actives at every step! Our Peptide Sea Purity Cleanser on our PELASKIN.COM website is a low cost and popular option. Link

Anti-Aging Toner: End your makeup removal and cleansing process with an anti-aging toner. A good toner pad or a liquid toner will leave you with your skin pH balanced, dead cells are removed, and pores are unclogged, so keep an eye out for toner pads or liquid that contain anti-oxidants, botanical extracts, and a low concentration of Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid. In this way, your skin will be ready to accept the full effect of a good anti-aging serum and moisturizer. I offer my anti-aging Exfoliating Complexion Pads (dual action toner) on my website. The pads make for a perfect dose every time, and an easier to travel with size. Link

If you follow my recommended regimen described in my Parts 1 and 2 of Makeup Removers after a day or night out, your skin will feel renewed and refreshed the next morning. I know motivation can be hard, my advice; don't delay, just do it! "(Ph. D, Chemist) doctor's orders." The choice to enhance and preserve your skin will make you happy for years to come!


Until next time... Look Beautiful. Live Better!™


Dr. MEL GLAMOR™, Ph.D, Houston TX


Referenced Products:

Peptide Sea Peptide Cleanser: Link

Complexion Exfoliation (Toner) Pads: Link

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