Collection: Build Your Own Routine

Create your own routines for morning, evening and your skin case based on your skin type and goals

Dr. MEL GLAMOR and his family and friends switch between the serums and moisturizers every few weeks based on changing skin needs and season so that they can take advantage of the many unique benefits offered by the various products of the PELA SKIN line

A good starting point is to take one from each category, and apply in the below order

You can substitute the serum and moisturizer and other products from Dr. MEL GLAMOR’S Routine, and use any of our anti-aging solutions listed in this section


Peptide Sea Purity Cleanser


Exfoliating Complexion Toner Pads -


Luxe Concentrate Serum - if uneven tone, large pores, or dull skin - full benefits here

Ultimate Firming Boost -

Dynamic Anti-Oxidant Serum - if surface red/irritated skin


Correcting Eye Lift Complex


Antarctic Regenerating Crème

Revitalizing Sea Crème - not for use during the day - 

Tightening Night Cream